ABCs of Immix: S is for Scripts

Monitoring security events using video and other security devices at a given site often leaves a lot of gray area that can sometimes rely too much on user judgement.  Immix offers a solution to minimize that gray area by allowing users to apply Scripts to alarm events or patrols.

A Script is a specific set of actions that a monitoring center agent must perform to complete the processing of an event and be able close that event with an outcome.  Script actions include viewing a specific camera or multi-view selection of cameras, asking a Yes/No question, conducting an audio talk-down message or initiating a two-way audio conversation, making a phone call to a specific contact or triggering a relay device to open a door/gate, turn on a light, sound a siren and much more.

As mentioned, scripts can be set for alarm events or patrols and different scripts can be scheduled at different times of day as response protocols often vary at different times.  Scripts can also vary based on specific event-types allowing you to have multiple scripts for the same customer site.  By the same token, you can apply the same script across multiple sites/customers.

Using the Immix Scripts feature helps operators understand exactly what steps they need to take to properly process an event, eliminating guesswork and enabling them to act with more expediency and confidence.

The Scripts feature is found in the Immix Setup tab and once a script has been activated for a site, the Scripts tab will automatically populate at the bottom of the Site Monitor interface when an active event has been picked up by an agent.  The steps flow naturally from the bottom upwards and will show a green check mark next to the script step once it has been completed.  An event cannot be closed out until all script steps have been completed by the agent.