The CONXTD Integration is Now Available for Immix Users!

CONXTD serves as the route into Immix for alarm panels. CONXTD translates data from multiple alarm & security inputs into powerfully interactive dashboards and automated reporting tools. It’s alarm management, done differently.

CONXTD saves you and your team time by aggregating multiple security outputs . They integrate to the UK’s leading alarm signaling providers. There are absolutely ZERO installation and maintenance costs.

The primary interface is CONXTD Enterprise, which serves as the dashboard for alarm management. Service Desk is an offering currently available primarily for installers, serving as a database or asset management system to store the data needed for them to manage their customers and services.

Customer Benefits

  • Enables support for a multitude of different traditional alarm panels into Immix.
  • Alarms can be handled within Immix as a traditional alert, or easily linked to any associated cameras on the site.
  • Standardized format for alarms allows for smoother / consistent experience in Immix. 
  • No need to deliver or maintain any alarm receivers or separate VPNs into the centre.
  • Improved speed to sale and implementation – can start services much more quickly.
  • Strict adherence to UK and European alarm standards.
  • Browser-based with no need for servers, receivers, etc. 

The integration supports the following features:

  • Alarms

Learn More about the Conxtd Integration with Immix: