What makes Immix unique?

It’s the architecture.


verb \i-ˈmiks\:


To Bring Under One Control


adjective scal·able \ˈskā-lə-bəl\
easy to make larger, more powerful, etc.

Immix is built on enterprise grade Microsoft server, database and network technologies. The system’s architecture was designed into logical tiers with each tier handling a key component of the system, database, devices and the application. Within each tier, any number of load-balanced servers can handle requests and share load across the tier. This provides redundancy and unlimited scalability as the application grows. Tiers can be scaled within a single data center or can be federated to different regions for global deployments where network latency and local laws require.


adjective extensible \ik-sten-suh-buh l\ : a system design principle where the implementation takes future growth into consideration

Immix has been developed from the ground up using published API’s. These API provide customers, partners and Immix with a common set of instructions for customizing and tailoring the platform.

The API for the application layer is a Web-services API that provides customers the power to access any component of the platform. Typically, this is used to develop custom user interfaces that are tailored to the operation of the company.

The interface layer, or device API, provides a mechanism to interact with any system that can send alarms/alerts, stream video, sync, and exchange data or trigger input/output actions.


adjective ag·ile \ˈa-jəl, -ˌjī(-ə)l\
: able to move quickly and easily
: quick, smart, and clever

When one thinks of agility, it creates an image of a system that is quick and easy to deploy, maintain and adapt. The obvious choice to achieve these goals is to develop a completely Web-based system, which eliminates the high IT cost to deploy and maintain client systems, especially in complex organizations. These systems allow for the centralized management of all updates. As new features, functions and integrations are added to the system, all users, no matter where they are located, have access to the latest version.

Operational Elegance

noun el·e·gance \ˈe-li-gən(t)s\:
scientific precision, neatness, and simplicity

The design of the IMMIX delivers all of this with a high-level of operational elegance, the system is operationally easy to use and maintain.
It builds upon a simple user interface that meets two goals:

Simple to use. With a minimal amount of training, any user can login and begin using the system.

Roles-based. A method of exposing only the information that is relevant to the user based on their job role. The information presented to an operator is very different than that presented to a manager, or the information presented to a law enforcement officer.This greatly reduces the training burden on individuals, while increasing the adoption and collaboration of the system across multiple business roles.

Customers Who Trust IMMIX