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ABCs of Immix: T

T is for TestMyDevice

Immix prides itself on our vast library of integration partner products, from video to alarms, audio, access control and more.  It is the foundation of which our platform was built and enables us to give our customers the most choices in what systems and applications...

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Integration Update: TVT

Immix is pleased to announce the integration of TVT for the Immix CS/GF platforms Shenzhen TVT Digital Technology Co., Ltd is a worldwide leading supplier specialized in CCTV product and solution, established in 2004. In the past years, they accumulated rich knowledge...

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ABCs of Immix: S is for Scripts

ABCs of Immix: S is for Scripts Monitoring security events using video and other security devices at a given site often leaves a lot of gray area that can sometimes rely too much on user judgement.  Immix offers a solution to minimize that gray area by allowing users...

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