Connecting New Sites to Immix Made Easy

What is Immix Site-Link?

Immix® Site-Link is a new solution that serves as an ‘easy button’ for integrators and monitoring centers to quickly connect the technology at any site to the Immix platform. Immix Site-Link simplifies and expedites the set-up process to begin providing monitoring services and generating RMR quickly without the need for IT assistance.

The Immix Immix Site-Link module allows Immix to ingest leading-edge technology into the platform directly. This way of connecting removes the need for port-forwarding, alleviating in-depth networking discussions. This solution closes the gap between system integration and monitoring, enabling an easier overall installation.

The cornerstone of the Immix Site-Link solution is its full-featured integration with the Immix platform which simplifies and expedites the setup process, bypassing the need for port-forwarding and allowing central stations to begin services more quickly.




Easily take over and leverage investments in existing systems without the need to rip and replace


Standardized solution creates a consistent user experience and service offering


Lessons the burden of needing networking knowledge to speak to end user stakeholders that have network security concerns


No need to set up individual VPNs to each site


Reduces the time between installation and when monitoring services can begin


Take control of variables such as bandwidth and nuisance alarms with powerful edge AI

“As Calidad Services began to grow our remote guarding business, the biggest challenge we faced was learning how to technically integrate various disparate products and overcome issues with firewall settings and port forwarding. The learning curve was steep and cost the company quite a bit of time having to go through such a tedious process for each camera, not to mention the morale issues it created for our IT staff. Immix Site-Link is like a dream come true for us as it instantly solved all of those problems. The ability to have an edge device that plugs into the network, connects the required cameras and then connects right into the Immix monitoring software without having to jump through all the network hoops or troubleshoot IT issues has truly changed our business for the better. Our installation times have been cut dramatically and projects no longer suffer delays to the lengthy processes we previously had to use. Immix and Camect have developed a solution that puts a brighter outlook of the future of the remote guarding industry by making things easier.”

Blake Smallie,
Calidad Services, Inc.

Immix Site-Link Partners

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