What Our Customers Say About Immix

“Implementing Immix has allowed Calidad to touch a much broader market.  The fact that we can now build more organized SOPs and response protocols has opened several new verticals for us, allowing us to protect more environments and stop crime.

Calidad Services

Blake Smallie, CEO

“Immix was installed easily and provided the base on which we were able to meet our original project requirements on time and to budget. Since then, we have significantly expanded the breadth and depth of our security capabilities and will continue to use Immix to increase the number of monitored sites throughout the E.ON estate and the types of services we offer.”


George Moss, Security Operations Manager

“Immix is Securitas’ global technology partner for our Remote Guarding services and as we expand our offerings in the US market, in line with customer requests, we have looked to them to provide a managed services platform for our corporate customers. These latest developments allow us to provide additional technology and manpower solutions to the Protective Services industry. By combining this technology with the expertise of our Protective Services team we can now offer an end-to-end service that is more flexible and cost effective than ever before.”


Securitas USA
Greg Abbott, Vice President, Marketing and Training

“Once Immix was installed, we were able to standardize on a single process which brought excellent efficiency savings. We were then able to grow our remote monitoring services by taking on many different types of connections and providing different levels of service for our customers.”

Securitas Alert Services, Belgium

Dirk Puylaert, Security Manager

Regardless of the product technology, the operator view is always the same. Everything the operator can see, and every action he takes, can be recorded and audited at a later date in line with police requirements. It also enables us to monitor system performance and manage staff levels accordingly.

Chubb RVR

Colin Walters, General Manager

The partnership with Immix has enabled us to provide our customers with a very friendly, slick looking web interface and allowed us to protect our customer assets without requiring their investment in a homogeneous hardware platform upgrades. The range of supported products is great, and new or improved integrations are coming out all the time. It is unique in the monitoring software marketplace.

G4S North America

Chris Blake, Operations Manager

We have been with Immix since we began offering video monitoring services over ten years ago. In that time they have consistently exceeded our expectations and provided us with the tools needed to support a number of different customers using a wide range of video products. It is because of their high level of support and easy to use monitoring platform that we have been successful in growing our video monitoring business year over year.

Acadian Monitoring Services

Brandon Niles, Director of Operations