Case Studies

Case study:

Calidad Services

calidadCalidad Services was formed in 2018 by a father and son tandem, Dennis and Blake Smallie, as a security guard and executive protection company in Stockton, CA.  As the company grew its clientele and service portfolio, they began to realize that technology was going to have to play a major role in their success. The question then became, “What sort of security technology service offerings were a fit for Calidad?”

Enter Immix, the industry-leading provider of software automation for managed video and remote guarding/SOC services.

Case study:

G4S Technologies USA

G4S Technology made the strategic decision in 2008 to develop a centralized service hub, the Technology Service Centre (TSC), to augment their traditional security services with a suite of high value interactive monitoring services. To realize this goal the TSC needed a software platform to monitor a heterogeneous set of access control, video, audio, and traditional intrusion equipment located across the US in support of their customers.

G4S US identified the UL listed Immix platform as the most stable, secure, and robust platform to address their customers’ issues, while remaining vendor independent.

Case study:

Securitas Belgium and Netherlands

Securitas management in both Belgium and Netherlands jointly identified several opportunities to enhance their video services within their alarm receiving centers. Given the close proximity and similarities between the two distinct operations, it was decided that any new system to manage their event driven video provision should work for both stations independently yet allow each station to act as a complete backup for each other.

Immix enabled Securitas to take on the remote guarding contracts from various existing installed systems without requiring any additional systems or operator training. The services have grown by over 1000% in four years without the need for a major investment in additional hardware or new operational staff.

What They’re Saying About Immix

“Immix is Securitas’ global technology partner for our Remote Guarding services and as we expand our offerings in the US market, in line with customer requests, we have looked to them to provide a managed services platform for our corporate customers. These latest developments allow us to provide additional technology and manpower solutions to the Protective Services industry. By combining this technology with the expertise of our Protective Services team we can now offer an end-to-end service that is more flexible and cost effective than ever before.”


Securitas USA
Greg Abbott, Vice President, Marketing and Training

“Once Immix was installed, we were able to standardize on a single process which brought excellent efficiency savings. We were then able to grow our remote monitoring services by taking on many different types of connections and providing different levels of service for our customers.”

Securitas Alert Services, Belgium

Dirk Puylaert, Security Manager

“The partnership with Immix has enabled us to provide our customers with a very friendly, slick looking web interface and allowed us to protect our customer assets without requiring their investment in a homogeneous hardware platform upgrades. The range of supported products is great, and new or improved integrations are coming out all the time. It is unique in the monitoring software marketplace.”

G4S North America

Chris Blake, Operations Manager

“Implementing Immix has allowed Calidad to touch a much broader market.  The fact that we can now build more organized SOPs and response protocols has opened several new verticals for us, allowing us to protect more environments and stop crime.”

Calidad Services

Blake Smallie, CEO