Immix Introduces AutoPatrol

AI-driven Solution to Automate Video Guard Patrols and Create Operational Efficiencies for Monitoring Centers

TAMPA, FL (April 10, 2024) – Immix is pleased to introduce AutoPatrol, a new automated solution for scheduled patrols or guard tours which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect threats or scene anomalies without the need for a physical central station or SOC operator to manually perform the patrol. In the event that an anomaly is detected, the AutoPatrol and video analysis will be raised to a human operator to determine the next action to be taken.

AutoPatrol is a cost-effective alternative or supplement to manual operator patrols, allowing centers to easily scale services without increasing headcount, creating efficiencies that enable service providers to better allocate workforce to tasks deemed more critical or revenue generating.

Immix is proud to announce it has chosen Scylla as the first-ever AutoPatrol partner to power this solution. This in-depth integration will allow Immix clients to leverage Scylla’s advanced AI solutions that enhance security, surveillance, and operational efficiency.

“Immix is very excited to announce the launch of AutoPatrol. As the platform of choice for monitoring centers focused on delivering managed video services, it is important that we continue to develop solutions that make our partners more efficient and allow them to grow their business at the pace they wish. We believe AutoPatrol fits that mold very nicely in that it improves resource efficiency allowing users to repurpose operators to more valuable, higher-margin services. In addition, this automated AI solution provides reliability and consistency and is not susceptible to operator subjectivity or burnout,” states Immix CEO, Chris Brown.”

Solution Overview

AutoPatrol works by enabling scheduled video patrols to be automatically performed behind the scenes solely via the embedded AI technology (in the initial offering by Scylla). If the AutoPatrol detects an anomaly, such as a change in scene, tamper, presence of an unauthorized person/vehicle/object, as well as a number of additional conditions that can be selected, it will raise the event to the Immix Patrol Queue to manually confirmed and processed by a human operator to determine the next step.  Once raised into the patrol queue, AutoPatrols resemble regular scheduled patrols. They are positioned at the top of the queue with higher priority than scheduled patrols and are distinctly labeled as “AutoPatrols.” AutoPatrol has been meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into existing patrolling playbooks, requiring no additional operator training.

In addition to detecting security threats, AutoPatrol can help ensure site compliance and scene health as well as function as a service alternative in high-activity environments. The solution can detect scene violations such as vehicles in a fire lane, dumping, package detection, abandoned objects, vagrancy, weapon detection and more.

The AutoPatrol solution incorporates dynamic load limitation to prevent server resource exhaustion leading to system failure. Additionally, AutoPatrol offers scalability, ranging from dedicated device servers for the entire system to individual site-level scaling.

“We are thrilled to integrate Scylla’s cutting-edge AI technology with Immix AutoPatrol as we’re ushering in a new era of remote guarding. This synergy represents the pinnacle of innovation, providing video monitoring centers with an unparalleled toolset for proactive security. Together, we’re shaping the future of surveillance, ensuring safer environments for all,” stated Scylla CEO Albert Stepanyan.


About Immix

As the global leader in video and event-based monitoring software, Immix develops scalable integration software solutions for central stations and command centers. The web-based, open architecture platform connects disparate systems into a single, easy-to-use interface designed for companies looking to expand their suite of interactive monitoring services. Immix delivers a robust toolset for monitoring stations to effectively deliver services, managing and responding to security and safety events. Today, Immix is successfully deployed across more than 40 countries in a wide variety of environments and applications. Immix supports the largest integration library in the industry, of more than 500 of the top security products and systems, enabling ease of deployment and system administration for a wide variety of organizations across the globe.

Immix is UL Certified in the USA, BS8418 in Europe and compliant with the most demanding corporate standards for IT and Networking security.

About Scylla

Scylla is a real-time physical threat detection solution. We utilize AI and computer vision to detect objects, actions and behavior anomalies. Scylla AI-powered solutions serve to improve every part of your security infrastructure and range from weapon and object detection, anomaly detection & behavior recognition, to false alarm filtering, perimeter intrusion detection, and facial recognition. Scylla can be seamlessly integrated with most modern video management systems and cameras, allowing you to augment your existing security infrastructure in a more efficient and cost-effective way.


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