(Tampa, FL) – June 25, 2024 – Immix®, the global provider of commercial central station and remote SOC software for managed video and security services, today announced that TSi has achieved status as a certified video monitoring center through the Immix Central Station Certification program.

The Central Station Certification program is designed to be that identifier the marketplace has needed that is based on employee training as well as system and infrastructure requirements. The training aspect at the heart of the certification program is designed to allow a center to educate and train new hires quickly on video and event-based monitoring, as well as the value they add for the end user. The program comprises more than 40 individual courses, knitted together into modules specific to each role inside the center. It concludes with comprehensive testing and formal certification for participating team members, regardless of their role. The program also acts as the re-certification and continuing education module for the center on a long-term basis, making it simple for a new or seasoned center to ensure all staff members are educated in the same manner, while delivering services in a unified manner to the clients it serves.

“Immix is very pleased to announce this high achievement for TSi, who also hold a TMA Five Diamond Monitoring Center designation and have been an outstanding partner for several years,” said Immix CEO Chris Brown. “This is quite an undertaking that only a few providers have managed to achieve over the years, and we are always pleased to partner with a dedicated team like the one at TSi in delivering best-in-class managed security services to the marketplace.”

“Achieving the Immix certification marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to surpassing client expectations,” said Darryl Keeler, founder and CEO of TSi. “While virtually all security integrators utilize this platform, only a select few meet the stringent standards required for this certification. Our F.O.C.U.S.™ Fusion Center represents the pinnacle of advanced monitoring technology and support. This certification underscores the high level of expertise and professionalism our clients have come to expect from us. We are proud to share this achievement with the industry.”

About Immix

As the global leader in video and event-based monitoring software, Immix develops scalable integration software solutions for central stations and command centers. The web-based, open architecture platform connects disparate systems into a single, easy-to-use interface designed for companies looking to expand their suite of interactive monitoring services. Immix delivers a robust toolset for monitoring stations to effectively deliver services, managing and responding to security and safety events. Today, Immix is successfully deployed across more than 40 countries in a wide variety of environments and applications. Immix supports the largest integration library in the industry, of more than 500 of the top security products and systems, enabling ease of deployment and system administration for a wide variety of organizations across the globe. Immix is UL Certified in the USA, BS8418 in Europe and compliant with the most demanding corporate standards for IT and Networking security.

About TSi

Since 1987, TSi has been at the forefront of providing security systems and solutions. Our business model is driven by an unwavering commitment to customer service, reflected in our impressive 99.9% service call success rate. This dedication is encapsulated in our F.O.C.U.S.™ (For Our Clients' Ultimate Satisfaction) program, which guarantees the complete functionality of our clients' security systems.

In 2015, TSi transitioned to being 100% employee-owned, and in 2020, achieved Certified Evergreen status, securing employee ownership for the next century. TSi is proud to be one of the few security integrators that hold both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, ensuring the secure integration of digital and physical security. For more information about TSi, please visit our website at

Jason Caldwell