L is for Life Safety & Live Monitoring

Immix is a Life Safety solution. It is the core competency of the platform through which our users protect their customers, properties, assets, employees and first responders. Real-time event notifications, instant access to live video, audio and relay functionality coupled with new extension modules designed to enhance the effectiveness and safety of first responders are the key components that make Immix the Platform of CHOICE for industry-leading security monitoring providers.

While at it’s core, Immix is an event-based monitoring platform, we do recognize that users sometimes need to perform Live Video Monitoring for cameras from one or more sites. Immix Walls allows for this functionality. Users can create multiple video walls and populate live cameras from various sites, as well maps, alarm queues and alarm clips, giving them more complete situational awareness capability.

Learn more about Immix Walls in our Support Portal here: https://support.immixprotect.com/hc/en-us/articles/202717958-Walls-Videowall-