New Immix Mobile App is Coming Soon!

By January 24, 2020 Marketing
The New Immix Mobile App is on the Way
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We are excited to announce the release of our new Mobile App for Immix is just around the corner!
There’s lots to tell you about, including some new features, so stay tuned. We have completely redesigned the app with a new interface and a new way that it connects to your system and your mobile device. This boosts security and ease of deployment.
One big aspect of this redesign is the addition of the Cloud Link service that will need to be installed on your Immix server prior to connecting. We’d like to start deploying this ahead of the upcoming release so your system is ready to go when we launch the app.
If you are a customer that relies on our current mobile application or just want to try it out, please contact by email as soon as possible to schedule the install of the Cloud Link service. The installation takes minutes.
Please note, your Immix system must be on the latest version, and we recommend being up to date on all the latest packages.