Attention Immix Customers:

Immix is pleased to announce the release of the ReconEyez integration for the Immix CS platform.

This new integration enables Immix customers to monitor the ReconEyez battery powered detection devices which include video capture and advanced person and vehicle detection analytics, providing optimal security for unmanned sites.

The integration supports the following features:

·     Alarms
·     Attached Alarm Footage
·     Get Config
·     Geo Location Map
·     Siren control (Relays)
·     Per-alarm URL link to ReconEyez portal
For more details on this integration please review the Reconeyez support page on the Immix support portal and for more information on the ReconEyez solution, please contact Simon Faulkner at
To see a short demonstration of a ReconEyez alarm being processed by Immix, please see the following link:
To access this integration, simply add the integration from the list in System/System Updates/Available Packages.