Immix is pleased to announce the release of the Cawamo integration for the Immix CS/GF platforms. 

Cawamo ( is a leading provider of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabling technology that connects to any video camera and to any existing video surveillance infrastructure, elevating them to a smart 24/7 “Virtual Human-like Guard”, with superb AI detection capabilities and virtually zero false alarms, at the best cost/performance in the industry. Addressing numerous security and safety scenarios, Cawamo is an all web-based solution (no installation required), configured remotely in minutes and extremely easy to use.

 The integration supports the following features: 

·     Live view

·     Multiview

·     Alarms

·     Post Alarm Recording

·     Ecare 

For more details on this integration please review the Cawamo support page on the Immix support portal and for more information on the Cawamo solution, please contact Cawamo Technical Support at or or visit their website