Integration allows for monitoring centers to provide incident reports with verified video, GPS and audit trails directly to responding authorities; thus, creating a faster, more efficient and safer response for law enforcement officers.

(Tampa, FL) – July 15, 2020– Immix, the industry leader in physical security software automation, today announced a partnership with Incident Co., a live incident reporting solution provider, to seamlessly integrate its IncidentCODE solution to its Immix® software suite to provide better intelligence to law enforcement entities responding to verified security events.

The joint solution allows central station operators using the Immix platform to select alarm clips that demonstrate suspicious activity for real-time sharing. Once an IncidentCODE is generated within Immix, an automated report is sent to a predetermined recipient list. This automation expedites the communication process as the operator does not have to verbalize the threat to the customer, which shortens calls and therefore minimizes the critical passage of time. Should the call then be escalated to the authorities, the operator can then share a temporary 6-digit IncidentCODE over the phone, giving the first responders valuable, actionable intelligence that creates a safer and more efficient response as well as a better security outcome. 

In addition, the clarity of threat level granted by IncidentCODE decreases false alarm fines for the customer.  This solution will enable Immix customers to dramatically improve both operational efficiency and relationships with their own customers.

“Immix is committed to seeking solutions to profoundly affect the alarm monitoring industry in a very meaningful way. Through this integration with IncidentCODE we feel we can now successfully address that final link in the chain which is that ‘last mile’ communication with responding law enforcement,” said Chris Brown, CEO, Immix. “There has long been a demand for something like this within our industry and we are confident that this joint solution will have tremendous benefits for the video monitoring industry.  Being able to create a priority security response and also make sure that response is fast, efficient and safe, shows our dedication to being good partners to our law enforcement community and we hope this solution will foster better stakeholder relationships.”

In addition, this automated, creation of reports and sharing of rich media and dispositions removes the labor of these tasks, freeing operators to focus on more pressing matters for the customer.  This enhanced operational speed results in less loss and more apprehension.  In short, real-time sharing of video and reports creates clear communication for all stakeholders and dramatically streamlines the resolution of security events.

 Clayton Kemp, President of Incident Co says, “We are excited to bring further operational efficiency to the Immix platform and customers. We have been involved in the alarm industry for years and understand just how important seconds can be. That is why we created IncidentCODE. We are thrilled to be partnering with an industry leader such as Immix and are looking forward to the future.”

The solution is available to all Immix CS/GF customers in the Americas region.

About Immix

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About Incident Co.

Incident Co’s focus is the transmission of real-time actionable intelligence to result in better collaboration and quicker resolution of critical events. With products ranging from IncidentCODE, the web based real-time video sharing platform, and Incident GO, the personal safety app, Incident Co can share actionable intelligence from a wide range of disparate systems. Capable of enhancing operational efficiency, Incident Co’s products are relevant across several different industries. For more information, please visit