Immix offers various User Role Permissions when adding a new user to the system, be it an operator, supervisor, manager, IT administrator or even an end customer.

User permissions are indicated by the tabs shown across the top bar of any Immix screen.  Within each tab, certain functions can also be limited or expanded based on a user’s permissions.  For example, you may want an operator to only have access to Alarms and Videowalls while an end customer may only have access to Events.  A supervisor or manager would, in most cases, have access to all tabs.

The six defined tabs that indicate user roles are: Alarms, Setup, Reports, Events, Cameras and Videowalls.  A seventh category (System) is available to Immix system administrators only (typically IT personnel).  Within each user tab there are check boxes for specific functionality.  A checked box means the user has that functionality, while an unchecked box indicates the opposite.  Permissions can be changed by an authorized user at any time provided they have ‘Edit User Permissions’ checked in the Setup tab.

You can view all roles and permissions on our User Roles Support Page.


Did you know that Immix is UL Compliant?

Immix is UL 1981 certified allowing its use as the alarm monitoring platform by companies wishing to obtain UL 827 for their monitoring center.

You can view the Immix UL Compliance Manual in our support portal which, must be followed (including the required Failover Setup of Immix) covering:

  • Minimum Specifications of servers and clients
  • Deployment and configuration of the servers and Immix software
  • Setup of Immix users and sites
  • Recommended alarm processing procedures
  • Reporting


Lastly, Immix Guard Force (GF) users can benefit from the ability to monitor enterprise access control systems with simple functionality using our Universal Access Control (UAC) module.  UAC makes monitoring access control easy by limiting the events (with associated video) that populate in Immix to only those that a monitoring center needs to respond to (door forced, door held, access denied, device offline, tamper, inputs etc.) and also keeping the response functionality simple.  UAC supports alarms, door relays (pulse), GetConfig and Sync.

There is no additional fee required to add UAC provided you are an Immix GF customer and have at least one integrated system that meets the specifications.

For more information on UAC, contact Guard Force Accounts Director Jason Caldwell at