Immix prides itself on our vast library of integration partner products, from video to alarms, audio, access control and more.  It is the foundation of which our platform was built and enables us to give our customers the most choices in what systems and applications they choose to monitor to ensure the success of their business.

 Most Immix users are well aware of our integration matrix and where to find it in our support portal; however, for those that may not, you can access that list of integrations along with the features and complete support page for each here: Immix Partner Integration Matrix.

That being said, there are many products that can be monitored in Immix that you may not find on that matrix. Likewise, there may be specific versions of a manufacturer brand or device that you may be unsure if that version has been tested and validated for use in Immix.

 Should you come across either of these scenarios, the Immix TestMyDevice page is the place to confirm compatibility.  If you are testing a recognized integration partner device, simply scroll down to that partner name and select the device.  You can then elect to test alarm functionality as well as live video.

If the device is not a listed integration partner, simply scroll and select Generic Stream.  From there you can enter connection details and test both alarms and live video streaming capability.  The Immix Generic Stream supports SMTP and HTTP for alarms and RTSP for live video streaming.