The Immix Alarms tab is where a central station or SOC operator receives all event notifications. In essence, it is where they live and breathe. The page consists of several different event Queues:

  • Alarms Queue – all external device alarms (or any manually raised alarms) will populate in the Alarms Queue. Alarms are displayed in the order they are received and according to priority status (which is determined by the user when configuring the alarm in the Immix Setup page). If multiple alarms are populated in the queue, the oldest alarm with the highest priority will be at the top of the list.
  • Patrols Queue – this is where all scheduled video patrols will appear. Patrols will be listed according to their scheduled times with the oldest appearing at the top. Within the Patrols Queue you will also find separate tabs for Parked Events and Sites on Test.
    • Parked Events would be listed according to the time and priority level of the event.
    • Sites on Test would be listed according to the time the site was put into test mode.
  • Processing Events Queue – this queue notifies the station of any events or patrols that are currently being processed. It lists the site in question, the event type and the name of the operator/agent that is processing the event.