J is for Joint Solutions

In our last campaign we highlighted our integration partners, which form the backbone of the Immix Platform.  In a similar vein, we have developed several Joint Solutions with partners to create tools and features that greatly enhance efficiencies in key areas of monitoring and response.

Immix has long been the leader in video monitoring software; however, today the platform goes well beyond the simple receipt of an alert and providing a set of tools and features to provide a proactive response. Through these Joint Solutions, the platform is now able to reduce unwanted signals, while addressing the “last mile” between the center, responder and customer, essentially providing users options that go beyond basic monitoring.

Through a series of new modules and partnerships, Immix now offers:

Immix AI Link enables monitoring centers to dramatically reduce false/nuisance alarm traffic, optimizing both operational and cost efficiencies by ensuring they can receive reliable, actionable data and provide the most effective response.

Immix Enhanced Dispatch enables more effective communication and data transfer with first responders (law enforcement, private security, emergency personnel) including video and location information.

Immix Intelligence enables the ability to further investigate an event during or after its conclusion by comparing images against public criminal databases to identify suspects or perpetrators by name and increase the likelihood of apprehension.

What does this mean for you?

All of this means more services that monitoring providers can offer, enabling new opportunities and RMR streams for their business.