ABCs of Immix: H is for HTML5, Heuristics & Hosting
  • HTML5 replaced Flash for video in Immix more than 3 years ago. The HTML5 video player is integrated throughout Immix for certain integration features including  Pass-Through Video. This provides video in the native browser instead of using the old Flash plugin and greatly reduces CPU and resource usage on your Immix server(s). 

    There are many added benefits that customers enjoy with our HTML5 update, including:

    1. No more popups when loading site monitor due to browser security concerns.
    2. Quicker loading times as the HTML5 player is built in to new browsers.
    3. New HTML5 audit player allows you to speed up/slow down the playback up to 15X.
    4. HTML5 live camera control now contains an additional digital PTZ. functionality for high definition cameras.
    5. Live video quality is superior to that available via Flash.
    6. Improved audit video interface with buffered streaming.
    7. New and improved dynamic HTML5 MultiView.
    8. Support for pass-through enabled integrations to significantly reduce server resource usage.
    9. Overall speed improvements.


  • Heuristics: Heuristic alarm configuration allows you to setup alarms and associate/link them to cameras as you process the alarms, as opposed to having to set them all up before you use the system. This greatly reduces data entry time as you just add your cameras and alarm points and then begin monitoring. As you process alarms, operators can follow their normal processes to decide which camera links to an alarm and adds the configuration while processing it, and from that point on that alarm is now configured with an associated camera.  Learn more about enabling Heuristics here:


  • Hosting: Did you know that you can host your Immix instance with any data center of your choice? Whether you want to host 100% of your infrastructure or just a redundant backup of your primary server array, Immix can assist you with the options to best operate your business.