ABCs of Immix: G is for Guard Force (ImmixGF)

Did you know that Immix actually has two versions of the platform?   


  • Immix GF is a software automation platform that enables your operation to achieve the economies of scale needed to monitor multiple customers, who have multiple systems, across multiple locations. With its primary foundation being Access Control monitoring with Video Verification, Event Detection and Response Management, Immix GF is designed for security integrators and guarding companies that fall into one of the following categories: 


    1. You are looking to offer a third-party security event management solution to commercial customers that operate their own SOC.
    2. You have a physical guard force that you want to be able to more closely tie your monitoring response platform (Immix) to their activities.
    3. You are looking to partner with a managed services provider who can offer some or all of these services to your customers.
    4. You operate your own SOC or NOC and have multiple large commercial or enterprise-level customers that want to monitor their advanced security applications in a single interface.

    If your company fits any of these scenarios, Immix GF may be right for you. Whether you provide the services direct, host the automation infrastructure virtually and resell the service platform to your customers or offer services via a third-party provider, Immix GF has a model for your business.


  • Some key Immix GF features include:
    • Multi-tenant Database for partitioned customers
    • Advanced Global Mapping to track assets across multiple locations
    • Enterprise Access Control integrations
    • Routing Groups
    • Manual Alarm Raise

To learn more about Immix Guard Force, please visit or contact:

Jason Caldwell – 337-278-8502,