ABCs of Immix: F is for FirstLine

FirstLine -The Immix FirstLine Interface provides operators with a very simple and responsive tool to allow them to quickly determine if alarm(s) are “real” and require a response or are false and require no further action.

Think of FirstLine as a “human analytic” element designed to filter out false or nuisance alarms. Within the FirstLine interface, alarms will be pushed to the user automatically for validation and processing.

FirstLine gives the operator the below options:

  1. Park the event for a desired period of time. This will allow the operator to go back to the event later and continue to process other events. This functionality can also be used to quickly return an event to the event queue by parking it for 0 minutes, allowing it to be picked up by another operator.
  2. Raise the event to another group of operators, via Routing Groups, to coordinate a response.
  3. Process the event by transferring it over to the full functionality of the Immix Site Monitor.
  4. Close the event if it is deemed to be false or requires no further action.

Once the operator has finished with a particular alarm the next available alarm in the queue will automatically be loaded.

FirstLine is designed for monitoring centers that receive a high volume of alarm traffic at given times in order to reduce false and nuisance alarm processing time and labor, thus reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency for the center.

For more information on FirstLine visit our support page here: