ABCs of Immix: D

Dashboard – All Your Key Metrics in One Place: dashboard delivers a robust and information-rich snapshot of all key metrics and statistics important to your central station, alarm receiving center or security operations center (SOC). Immix administrators and station/center/SOC management can now view real-time information and know “at-a-glance” exactly how their monitoring operation is performing at any given moment.

Dispatch provides monitoring centers with a “last mile” solution for law enforcement or private security dispatch. The solution allows central station operators to select alarm events for real-time sharing with responding authorities. Through integration partnerships with companies like IncidentCo. and RSPNDR, monitoring centers can provide incident reports with verified video, GPS and audit trails, creating a faster, more efficient and safer response for officers, resulting in improved security outcomes. In addition, the clarity of threat level granted by the solution decreases false alarm fines for end customers. This enables Immix users to dramatically improve both operational efficiency and customer relationships