O is for Operational Efficiency


Operational Efficiency is the cornerstone of the Immix platform.  Immix offers users different tools, solutions and functionality to operate their monitoring or remote guarding business in the most effective manner in order to provide customers with more value-added services that create better security outcomes.  There are several features within the software that enable this at different levels. Here are just some of the ways Immix can help improve operational efficiency:

  • single interface that allows you to pull in alarms, video and other data from multiple disparate platforms from our integration library of more than 500+ security manufacturer products.
  • scripting tool that makes response procedures clear and precise.
  • AI solutions to reduce false/nuisance alarms and optimize labor and tasks.
  • Dashboard that provides real-time data and reporting to allow you to track trends, bottlenecks and KPIs.
  • Bulk Import tool that allows you to onboard multiple sites and devices with a few mouse clicks.
  • Get Config tool that allows you to easily import a device’s configuration with a single mouse click.

Immix is the the platform of CHOICE to enable Operational Efficiency for your remote guarding or monitoring business.