New Immix Mobile App is Here!

By January 24, 2020 July 30th, 2020 Featured News, Marketing
We are excited to announce the release of our new Mobile App for Immix!
The new Immix Mobile Portal and Application is a simple and easy to use mobile interface which replaces the previous mobile apps found in the Apple and Android app stores which connect directly to your Immix system after you have opened it up to the internet.
The Immix cloud-hosted mobile application provides situational oversight to end-users of Immix CS and Immix Guard Force. The application has been completely redesigned using a modern dark-themed and responsive interface built upon modern technologies including HTML5 video streaming.
New mobile application features include:

Notifications:  Receive immediate notifications whenever a critical event is handled by an Immix CS or Immix Guard Force operator

Critical Events:  Follow everything the operator saw and did with critical events with a fully interactive multimedia audit trail

Live Video:  View live video feeds from any camera available via the linked Immix CS or Immix Guard Force system

Arm/Disarm:  Change the arm/disarm states of Immix sites that are available via the linked Immix CS or Immix Guard Force system

Different from our previous version, this mobile application is now self-hosted, meaning that Immix provides the hosting architecture and application management. Hosting our own application allows for the development of additional new features in the coming months and years based on user feedback and requests.

This new hosting methodology also necessitates a revised pricing structure based on a “per-user” fee as opposed to the previous model of a “per-site” charge.  As this new application is much more interactive from a user perspective, this pricing model is necessary for Immix to ensure it is able to manage the associated data charges incurred with the hosting.


In order to use the Mobile Portal, the following packages must also be installed on your system along with the typical core packages:

  • CloudLink v1.0.0.5
  • Push Notification v1.0.0.2
  • Minimum iOS version required: 12.1
  • Minimum Android Lollipop version required: 5.0


  • A server running Windows Server 2012 or newer is required for both the Devices and CloudLink services.
  • Outgoing internet access to HTTPS port 443 is required for the CloudLink and Push Notification services.
  • The Immix Mobile App is available for download in both the iOS and Google Play stores

The full support page for the Mobile Portal and Application can be found via the Immix corporate website