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In an effort to continually provide the tools, skills and insights to help manage your Immix system, we offer the Certified Immix Professional training and certification program.

The goal of these courses is to provide an advanced level of training for Immix System Administrators. Stations benefit from this certification by having an onsite Immix specialist who can help speed up site deployments, monitor and maintain your systems, scale your operation as you grow, and coordinate additional training of your team.


Course Syllabus

Immix Concepts and Operations
Prerequisites: N/A
Course Focus: Immix Basics
This online course will take participants through the basic of everything Immix.

Immix Administration Specialist (IAS)
Prerequisites: Immix Concepts and Operations
Course Focus: Immix UI
Participants who have completed the IAS course will have a comprehensive understanding and be proficient is using all the features and functions of Immix.

Immix Deployment Specialist (IDS)
Prerequisites: IAS
Course Focus: Planning and deploying Immix operationally
Participants who have completed the IDS course will take the knowledge they learned in the IAS course and apply it deploy a fully operational Immix system. 


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All sessions are held in an online/webinar workshop format involving hands-on exercises to interact with the system. Throughout 2019 we are offering these courses free of charge. Alternatively we can deliver customized training at your offices for a fee to cover expenses. Please review and register for courses using the form on the right.


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We now offer this program in an online format ONLY.

  1. A condensed online course of four (4), two (2) hour sessions offered on a quarterly basis by both the US and UK technical teams to their respective customer bases.

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Next Scheduled Online Courses for US Customers

Q1 2020 TBD

Next Scheduled Online Courses for UK Customers


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