Immix Partner: American Dynamics

Immix GF/CS platform is proud to integrate with American Dynamics, a developer of some of the world’s most essential video technologies. As a veteran to the industry, American Dynamics’ commitment to customer reliance and integrity has placed them in the stance as a leading provider of IP solutions.

The Immix CS/GF platform is integrated with American Dynamics Intellex and VideoEdge video recorders. The collaboration offers the latest VideoEgde alarm configuration of the SMTP and network settings on the device. Along with, providing Immix control configuration setup. The partnership has allowed for both to established top industry strength.

For more detailed information about Immix GF and Immix CS integration with American Dynamics please visit our support portal at American Dynamics VideoEdge and American Dynamics Intellex.

To learn more about partnering with Immix and integrating with the Immix GF: Guard Force and Immix CS: Video Automation for Central Stations platforms, please visit our Become a Partner page.