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Immix Guard Force (GF) is designed for Security Companies who are looking to offer a range of sophisticated monitoring services for their enterprise customers.

Immix GF provides the platform for your operation to achieve the economies of scale needed to monitor multiple customers, who each have multiple systems, across multiple locations, all the while increasing the effectiveness of your physical security force and the security services you offer.

What is IMMIX GF?

Immix GF is a more advanced version of our CS platform with its primary foundation being Access Control monitoring with Video Verification. It is designed for monitoring entities (central stations, guard companies and integrators that operate their own SOCs or NOCs) that have multiple enterprise-level customers that want to monitor their advanced security applications (i.e. Access Control, Large VMS Deployments, etc.) or that have a physical guard force that needs to be more closely tied the monitoring response platform (Immix).

By presenting a single view of the most critical events and automating workflows for others, Immix GF makes it easier to manage security incidents across your entire customer base.

What is the Target Market for Immix GF?

If your customers have one or more of these needs, Immix GF might be right for your operation:


Your customers want you to run a dedicated remote security operations center for their operation. They are looking to outsource both the infrastructure and manpower to run a corporate security command center.

Your enterprise customers want you to monitor their enterprise security applications (i.e. Access Control, Large VMS Deployments, Mass Notification, Incident Management, Business Risk Alerts, etc.).
Your customers are asking for a unique level of service that requires custom development.
You have a physical guard force that you want to be able to more closely tie your monitoring response platform (Immix) to their activities.


If your customers have one or more of these needs, Immix GF might be right for your operation:

Multi-Tenant Database

Immix GF allows you to create a separate database tenancy for each of your major customers, effectively creating their own virtual security center within your infrastructure. This provides each customer with their own configuration, report metrics and customizations while allowing your station the efficiency to monitor multiple customers through a single consistent interface.

Advanced Global Mapping

Immix GF has the power to map every floorplan and security device of an organization on a Google Map interface, providing remote operators immediate situational awareness of the facility. Additionally, mobile assets like security guards or mobile equipment can be plotted and tracked within this same familiar interface. This provides operators with the ability to quickly respond and coordinate remote events. Nearby video, doors, intercoms, sirens, lights along with the location of the onsite guard are all presented to the operator, allowing them to guide onsite guards or other personnel through the appropriate response.

Immix Wall

The Immix Wall provides the ability to create dynamic surveillance walls. These walls are web-based and can be viewed on a hardware videowall in the station or at any location within a customer’s organization. An Immix Wall can include live video feeds from any video manufacturer supported by Immix, interactive alarm queues, facility maps, real-time operator activity, and video alarm clips. The backend technology of Immix Wall multi-casts the video feeds to users, eliminating bandwidth and system overloading when multiple users access a single wall. This is critical when Immix Wall is deployed during a critical event response – as multiple users will log into the same wall, viewing the same video and collaborating on the response to an event.

Enterprise Access Control Integrations

Immix integrates with the market leading access control platforms to manage access control events/alarms and to provide remote door control.

Routing Groups

When monitoring global enterprises, it’s common to have groups of operators, security officers, analysts, and supervisors who are responsible for responding to events. Each level or group may respond at a different point in the event. For example, local alarms at a site may first be responded to by a security officer onsite, which can then be escalated to operators in the station. These escalations can be triggered automatically or manually through an SOP step. Immix GF provides maximum flexibility to create as many groups as an organization needs and to route alarms accordingly.

Manual Alarm Raise

Security professionals in enterprise command centers routinely deal with events that are not triggered by a physical alarm. These events are often called into the station and can range from a suspicious person on site to a slip-and-fall. For each organization these manual raise events differ. Immix GF allows each customer to define their own manual events for common incidents that happen at their sites and then assign SOP’s and workflows for responding to these events.

Immix Dashboard

Immix Dashboard is designed for both the Central Station and Guard Force platforms. With a completely updated look and feel, the new dashboard delivers a robust and information-rich snapshot of all key metrics and statistics important to your central station, alarm receiving center or security operations center (SOC). Immix administrators and station/center/SOC management can now view real-time information and know “at-a-glance” exactly how their monitoring operation is performing at any given moment.

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