Immix Partner: Eagle Eye Networks

Immix is a proud integrator with Eagle Eye Networks, a leader in video surveillance development. Eagle Eye Network provides a customizable device that is currently serving a range of markets segment such as government, residential, commercial, restaurants and many more.

The Immix GF/CS platform is partnered with the Eagle Eye Network video system to provide Playback, Live, Post Alarm Recording and additional cloud features. The integration also supports the standard Immix control configuration setup where the connection of either pronounced port (HTTP or HTTPS communication) can log in to Eagle Eye’s web interface.

For more detailed information about Immix GF and Immix CS integration with Eagle Eye Networks please visit our Eagle Eye Support Page.

To learn more about partnering with Immix and integrating with the Immix GF: Guard Force and Immix CS: Video Automation for Central Stations platforms, please visit our Become a Partner page.