Immix Partner: Alien DVR

As of April 2016, Immix GF/CS platform is proud to integrate with Alien DVR, high quality CCTV transmission & storage solutions for everyday applications. The company provides a variety of model solutions: MegaHero, HeroHD, MaxHD, MaxPix and MaxPix+, satisfying the needs of a wide range of consumers.

The Immix CS integration with Alien DVR series allows for a full control operational command centre that consolidates a wide range of different security products into one simple operator interface. The cloud and enterprise interfaces are continuously expanding upon available features (Control Configuration, Alarm Configuration, Troubleshooting, etc.) to offer high value-added solution.

For more detailed information about Immix GF and Immix CS integration with Agent Video Intelligence please visit our support portal at Alien DVR Support Page.

To learn more about partnering with Immix and integrating with the Immix GF: Guard Force and Immix CS: Video Automation for Central Stations platforms, please visit our Become a Partner page.